What is USSD Code and Benefits of USSD Code (Full Form)

USSD is the abbreviation for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which is a global system for mobile to communicate directly with a program located on the computer of service providers such as Jio, Airtel, VI, etc. USSD is basically a service via which we enter a unique code in our phones to get information such as IMEI number, bank account balance, mobile data used, etc. This unique code usually begins with * or # and is directed to the USSD gateway which then directs it to the USSD application of the user and we receive a message via the reverse process I.e., the USSD application sends the message to the USSD gateway which is then presented on our screens.

What is USSD Code?

The USSD full form is quite complex to be able to understand. So, let’s understand it with the help of an example.

One example of USSD code could be:

*333# which is used to access the Jio account balance. You just dial this on your phone and you receive a message just like an SMS (Short Message Service), which displays the Jio account balance.

There are various benefits of USSD; the most relevant of them is supporting us in a way to access important information without any network connection. It’s basically like a hidden feature of your mobile phone that allows you to access important information which could be anything ranging from your mobile’s IMEI number, which is a unique number assigned to every phone which helps in tracking the phone when it gets lost or is stolen, to checking your bank account balance. It also helps in cardless withdrawal of money from ATMs in case you forget your credit or debit card at home by using a USSD code assigned to you by your bank account.

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Benefits of USSD Code

Isn’t this superpower which is like a hidden feature of our mobile phones amazing? Let’s go through its benefits in detail:

ussd code

Checking bank account balance

The first and the most important service that USSD provides us is the facility to check bank account balances. We do not have to stand in long queues or wait at the counter of a banker to access the information about our bank balance. USSD code allows us to avail this information in just a few seconds by just typing a unique number given to us by our bank. For instance, let’s consider someone has deposited an amount in our account or we have a payment and we need to check our final balance, we do not have to go to the bank and get it printed on our passbooks, we can just access this facility by just dialling a number.

Open a bank account

Many banks provide this facility to us to open an account, which could be current or fixed if we already have a savings account in that bank by just dialling the USSD code. Isn’t it amazing? We do not have to take out time, expend our money to travel to the bank or wait for banking service providers to open an account for us.

Check your IMEI number

We have the facility of acquiring information via USSD meaning the IMEI number is a very important number that is assigned to every new phone. It consists of 15 digits, which is like a name for our mobile phone in simple terms. It is unique to every mobile handset, which helps us in locating our phone when it gets lost or is stolen. We can also contact our service providers and provide them with our IMEI number so that they can blacklist it, which will then forbid the thief to use it with any sim; be it new.

Withdrawal of money without using the card

Our banks assign USSD codes to us so that in case we forget our credit or debit card at home and are in urgent need of money, we can withdraw it from the nearby ATM by entering that USSD code. This facility can almost save us when we are in dire need of cash in exceptional cases such as when our wallet gets stolen or we forget our credit/debit card, etc. You just need to enter the USSD code assigned by your bank and save yourself a difficulty.

Check the balance of your SIM

One of the quickest and probably the only benefit we are aware of a USSD code is that it helps us in checking the balance of our SIM. It helps us access the remaining balance or data of our SIM card by just entering a USSD running code, which is unique to different mobile service providers.

Fund transfer

It not only allows us to access the balance of our bank accounts but also transfers money to someone’s bank account in just a few steps by using a USSD number.

Examples of USSD Codes used in Android Phones

IMEI Number of Android *#06#
Google Talk Service *#*#1472365#*#*
GPS System Test *#*#1472365#*#*
Power Button Change *#*#7594#*#*
Reset Factory Date *#*#8255#*#*
Main Service Menu *#*#197328640#*#*


There are many other benefits of USSD; USSD meaning Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. The most important of them is the ability to access all these services such as bank balances without an Internet connection. It does not only save our time and money but is also a very simple process to obtain important information without any Internet facility or charges. Thus, USSD code running is almost like a hidden feature of our phone, which is not only beneficial but also sometimes helpful in getting out of a difficult situation.

What is USSD Full Form?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is the full form of USSD.

What is USSD running code?

USSD running code starts with * and ends with #. It helps to generate predefined service to users.

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