How to Link Covid-19 Certificates to Passports on Cowin App? – Guide

Are you planing to do international travel for business, study or for job? For international traveller, it will be very important to have your passport mention that you have taken Covid 19 Vaccine. Here is good news for international travellers, now you can link your covid vaccine certificate with your passport via Co-win app.

Why Link Covid-19 certificates to passports?

Day by day more and more vaccinations are happening across country. Recently, highest single day vaccination of 90.86 lac achieved in india on 21st June (on occasion of international yoga day). Since more and more people are vaccinated, the international travel rules is eased as well in india.

Also, Many countries from EU Including Switzerland and 9 other countries have started accepting travellers from India who have got two doses of covishield vaccine. So it is much more important now to get linked your covid vaccination certificate with your passport.

Government of India has now given facility to link your passport and covid certificate you get after vaccination in cowin app. Below are the steps to link your Covid-19 certificates to passports.

Steps to link Covid-19 certificates to passports

You might need your passport number, beneficiary number and cowin credentials.

Step 1 – Login to Cowin app at

Step 2 – Enter your mobile number and OTP.

Step 3 – Select Raise an Issue and Select Passport option from dropdown.

Step 4 – Enter your name and Passport number, And submit your request.

Step 5 – Done.

link passport to covid certificate

If you successfully complete the above steps, you will get your new certificate in seconds with passport number mentioned in it.

Note – In case name on certificate does not match name on passport, you can request for name correction as wellIn case name on certificate does not match name on passport, you can request for name correction as well.

FAQs Related to Covid Vaccine Certificate and Passport number link

1. Can we get name correction done in covid vaccine certificate?

Yes, Sure. You can select Raise an issue option and select the “certificate correction” option and ask for name correction in covid-19 vaccine certificate.

2. What if i entered wrong name and passport number?

Please be careful. You will get only once chance to get name and passport number correction in Co-win app. So, use the facility properly.

3. How to delete unknow person from co-win app?

Under “Raise an Issue” option, you will find option to remove unknown person, just select the option and follow the steps. The unknow person will be removed asap.

4. Can We Merge Multiple Dose #1 Provisional Certificate?

Yes, Why not. Just click on merge certificate options under raise an issue option, you will be asked for 1st vaccine dose and 2nd vaccine dose date and beneficiary number, you will get merged certificate on the app on same date.

Hope these details will help you to correct information on your covid-19 vaccine certificate and also to link your passport with covid vaccine certificate.

Happy Travelling.

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