Unlock Airtel SIM Card with Airtel PUK Code – Unlock 2023 Online

Is your Airtel SIM card blocked? Be it by mistake or intentionally, when the SIM card gets blocked, you need to get a PUK code to unlock the SIM Card. This situation mostly arises when the password of the SIM card is forgotten and the user has already entered the wrong password 3 times. When this happens, the user usually looks for different ways for unblocking the SIM Card, and today through this piece of information, we would learn how to get PUK code for Airtel to unlock the SIM Card.

But before starting with the guide, lets first know what does Airtel PUK code actually mean.

What is Airtel PUK Code?

PUK Code actually stands for personal unlocking key. This facility is available on nearly every smartphone that protects the SIM Card details stored for users. The Airtel service providers offer this kind of PUK feature in the SIM cards which is useful for preventing the SIM card information from unauthorized people. When the SIM card gets blocked after 3 unsuccessful trials, the PUK Code Airtel helps in unlocking the SIM Card. By entering the PUK code you can easily unlock the Airtel SIM Card. However, it should also be noted that entering a wrong PUK code 10 times would ban your SIM Card permanently. So, make sure you are entering the right PUK codes.

But do you know, Airtel SIM card has its own PUK Code which is default for every number? Yes, every Airtel SIM card comes with a default PUK Code or Airtel SIM pin. Generally, every SIM card operator has its own 4-digit PUK code which is basically 0000 or 1234. And the default PUK code for Airtel SIM Card is 1234. However, if this code doesn’t work for the first time, try with 0000 (4 times 0) or 00000000 (8 times 0).

How to unlock Airtel SIM Card with PUK Code Online?

airtel puk code

Are you also worried how to unlock your PUK-banned SIM card of Airtel? When this happens, customers usually get their SIM cards unlocked by getting the PUK Code through Customer Care executives or SMS. But what if you don’t have any other contact number to make a call to the Customer Care or get it through SMS? Don’t worry, in such circumstances you can still get your Airtel PUK Code unlock number online.

Unlock Airtel Sim card with PUK code

Here are the steps to follow for getting the PUK Code online.

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Remove the Airtel SIM card with blocked PUK from the phone.
  • After removing the Airtel SIM Card, turn on the phone.
  • As the SIM Card is removed, you will not have to enter the PUK code.
  • Turn on the mobile data on the phone and connect to any internet source like wifi, hot spot, etc.
  • Go to the play store and install the Airtel Thanks application.
  • In the application, go to More option located on the bottom of the page or screen.
  • Search for the “Tell Us Your Concern” option and type the word “PUK” in it.
  • Select the option “I want to know my PUK number” in the drop menu.
  • Select the phone number for which you want the PUK number.
  • Give a click on here option.
  • The PUK code for your mobile number will be sent to you.

Once you get the PUK code for the PUK blocked Airtel number, enter your Airtel SIM Card and start the phone. When asked for the PUK number, enter the Code and your number would be activated again.

While carrying the procedure, make sure you have an active and stable internet connection with good speed for processing the procedure to unblock the SIM card. If not, you can also change the Airtel APN Settings and increase the internet speed. Apart from all these, other ways to obtain the Airtel PUK Code include by calling the customer care executives on 121, 111, or 198, by installing My Airtel App, by getting an SMS from IVRS, and by using LAPU Airtel SIM card.

Again, if you are looking to unlock a blocked PUK SIM of Airtel and you are not a customer of Airtel, you can still do that by getting in touch with the Customer Care Service of Airtel. The official website of Airtel provides with customer care numbers for 50 states in India which can be dialed from other SIM card services apart from Airtel.

Henceforth, if you have blocked your Airtel SIM Card by mistake or purposely, you don’t have to panic any more. With the above mentioned process you can easily solve the issue by finding your PUK Code from Airtel. But even after trying all these methods, you are still facing issues, it is highly advised to visit the nearest Airtel Customer Care Service center for clearing your doubts.

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