5 Best Smart Ceiling Fan in India (June 2023) – Expert Reviews

Looking forward to buying the best smart fan in India? Here is a review of the Top 5 Best Smart Ceiling Fans that you can operate with Remote control, or using Alexa App, Google App or say wifi network. Check out our expert’s review on smart fans, which will help you to decide which is the best Smart fan available in India right now.

Top 5 Best Smart Ceiling Fans in India 2023 [with Alexa]

Below are our recommendations on Smart Fans, do check out their price from the below link.

  1. Best Smart Fan for Home Use – Atomberg Renesa!
  2. In Budget Smart Fan – Havells Carnesia!
  3. Long Durability Smart Fan – Atomberg Natural Oak Wood Look!
  4. Most stylist Smart Fan – Orient Electric Aeroslim!
  5. Smart Fan with Underlight – Orient Premium Ceiling Fan!

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#1 Atomberg Renesa Smart Ceiling Fan

While air conditioning is the most expensive choice for those sweltering summers, have you considered a smart ceiling fan? That’s right, we all upgrade every technology piece of our house but now, it is the time to use innovative technology for our fans.

So, if you are ready then buying an Atomberg Renesa Smart fan would be a perfect choice. It has features like a 1200 mm BLDS motor with remote 3 blade ceiling fan, formerly Gorilla & available in pearl white colour.

Atomberg Renesa

The main quality that attracts the consumer & makes it a smart fan is that it can be operated by voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Atomberg Application. If you buy it then you will save rupees 1500 per year on electricity bill with each fan. Its smart remote features like boost, sleep, speed control & timer mode that is also operatable using remote up to 20 FT. Air delivery: 220 CMM & speed: 340 RPM. You will find this Smart fan attractive, smart in design, IoT enabled with a smartphone.

Moreover, this Atomberg Renesa Smart Fan says no to dust & rust. Talking about the warranty feature, you will get 3 years warranty which includes 2 years onsite warranty + 1 year extended warranty on registration. As a night lamp, this smart fan has an LED indication for speed. In case, you want to install it yourself then you can easily install this power-sourced light-weighted smart fan. Otherwise, you will need to contact the local electrician.

Why Atomberg?

To sum up its features, you should buy this if you are looking for the features like cost-saving, attractive design, smart features, voice-controlled, LED indication, speed easy-to-clean, IoT enabled with smartphone & warranty. That is why this Renesa Smart Fan has received a 4.3 out of 5 start rating. So, if you are planning to buy this smart fan then you can save electricity-bill by investing in multiple fans for every room like the dining or living room.

On the other side, some customers experienced & find that it gives poor air, fans speed is slow & it makes noise. Also, they find it unable to connect with their smart devices. For this, they tried to contact customer support & fixed the issues where some customers experienced quick support from customer care.

Overall, if you buy this smart fan then you can upgrade your home & save your money with this power-efficient fan. Otherwise, for resolving issues you can easily ask customer care & replace it.

#2 Havells Carnesia Smart Ceiling Fan

Now, Save Your Money with Havells Carnesia I 1200 mm Smart Ceiling Fan!

Although air conditioning can feel great when we are experiencing hot weather during the summer, they waste a great deal of money as well as energy. Then smart ceiling fan is an affordable & fantastic solution.

So, if you want to grab the best smart fans in India then buy Havells Carnesia that is available in a variety of colors, at an affordable price, IoT enabled smart fan with iOS & Android mobile phones with Wi-Fi connectivity, & energy-efficient products for your home.

Havells Carnesia

Let’s look at Havells Carnesia Smart Fan Features:

  • Connectivity with Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • Superior air quality.
  • Mesmerizing looks.
  • Operatable in low-voltage.
  • Super easy to use & install.
  • Set-timer for hours.
  • Available with warranty.

Undoubtedly, Havells Carnesia is a top brand. This is an amazing ceiling fan that offers fantastic smart senses easy to adjust with humidity & temperature, Alexa & Google connectivity, sweep size, superior air quality, stay cool & properly operated with remote control.

This Havells Carnesia has exotic rich looks with modern styling with a 2-year warranty. Even you can use different modes like smart mode, sleep mode, breeze mode, and schedule mode for a better experience. You will find this white-copper smart ceiling fan perfect for your dining or living room.

Moreover, there are times, when there is low voltage in your home. But if you are worried that this smart fan cannot be operated then it does not happen in this. It means you can use this smart fan even in low-voltage.

So, when you unbox the Havells Carnesia Smart Fan then you will find the components like fan motor blade set, downRod, canopy set, shackle kit, & twisted wire, guarantee card, PCB, controller, remote battery, instruction manual, 1 set fan blades & 1 N twisted wire. It will offer you 74-watt power consumption. Taking about its air delivery then its 235 cubic meters per minute with five-level speed control. Through the app, you can set its timer for 2, 4, 6, 8 hours.

On the contrary, some customers find it unable to operate, & found that remote is not working. They had quite a trouble with installing the fan. But these issues are easily resolvable.

Overall, customers who experienced this Havells Carnesia found this smart fan attractive, hi-tech, good, cost-saving, & easy-to-install. So, you can buy this & make your life convenient.

#3 Orient Natural Oak Wood Look Fan

Interested in Buying a Smart Ceiling Fan?

Here are many benefits to buying a smart ceiling fan as you can see. If you’d like more control over your home’s climate then a smart fan may be a great option for you.

Not only this is the benefit of a smart fan but an option for a smart fan can save plenty of money & energy. Rather than expanding on expensive air conditioning, it is advisable to spend on the smart fan.

Atomberg Renesa Smart

Undoubtedly, smart ceiling fans are so versatile & super easy for you. They will help you cool down the home in the hot summer months & warm it up during the winter.

So, here is the best smart ceiling fan for you – Orient Electric Aeroslim. Buy this Wi-Fi ceiling fan & save money & energy at your home or office.

Special Feature:

  • BLDC Motor.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Compatible with Alexa & Google Home.
  • Noiseless.
  • IoT enabled fan.
  • Voice-controlled.

Orient Electric is a top brand in the market. You will find its mesmerizing look as it is available in four colors flame gold, brown, marble white & white. If you buy this smart fan then you save 40% energy. This, Orient Electric Aeroslim fan has a super-efficient inverter that is designed with inverter technology.

Unlike traditional fans, it does not make noise. Even you can easily operate in low voltages up to 140V. The Orient Electric Aeroslim fan adds to an enjoyable environment while also providing comfort, style & beauty in almost any room of the house.

It delivers air at a rate of 240 cmm. Along with this advanced fan, you will get 2 years of warranty. You can easily adjust the fan speed, lighting preferences, & set timer, etc. With this smart fan, you have the power of ultimate cooling at your fingertips.

On the contrary, some customers find it difficult to operate. While others found its components defective & poor performance. For this, they contacted customer support & fixed the issues. However, most of the customers found this Orient Electric Aeroslim worthful & invested in 4-5 smart fans for their house.

Overall, if you buy a smart fan then you are taking step towards cost-effectiveness. A.C. cannot give you a perfect temperature for your home. So, upgrade your house with this Orient Electric Aeroslim smart fan.

#4 Atomberg Renesa Smart Ceiling Fan

Upgrade your home with a smart fan like Atomberg Renesa Smart Fan!!

Smart fans are the best fans as they maintain your home’s indoor climate & keep your electricity bill down. These smart fans can be remotely controlled & can be programmed to switch on depending upon the pre-set temperatures & schedules.

Orient Electric Aeroslim

There are various advantages of smart fans. Like you will find them in an attractive look, energy-efficient, cost-effective, smart IoT control, & Alexa ceiling fan. Most of the smart fans are designed with inverter technology & also they are operatable in low-voltage.

Unlike traditional fans, smart fans are noiseless & give stylish look to your home or ceiling. You can explore them in a variety of colours & slim looks. Moreover, if you buy smart fans for each room then you can save plenty of money & electricity consumption.

Talking about this best smart fan – Atomberg Renesa Smart Fan. This is battery powered smart fan is perfect for your house. From 20ft, you can operate this IoT-based smart fan. This smart fan is beautiful in all aspects like design, form, & function.

Look at Atomberg Renesa Smart Fan Features:

  • Super-efficient BLDC motor.
  • LED indication for speed.
  • Operatable in low-voltage.
  • IoT enabled.
  • Boost, speed & timer mode smart features.
  • Easily available online with a warranty.
  • Maintain perfect room temperature.

Is not it super-exciting features? Yes, if you invest in this Atomberg Renesa Smart Fan then you can save your money & electricity. Whether the room is big or small, this fan will give you enough air quality.

The main advantage of investing in these smart fans are that they are compatible with every weather. So, you can conveniently use this smart fan in every weather.

All in all, customers buy 4-5 smart fans for their house & find it cost-effective. Some customers experienced “not working of fans.” While others found a difficult installation process. However, the issues are easily resolved like with the replaced feature & hiring a technician. Other than that, customers gave it a 5-star rating & marked it as a smart choice.

To sum up this, instead of buying an A.C. make a perfect choice with this Atomberg Renesa Smart Fan. With no hassle, you can operate it from your Alexa & Google assistant & make your life comfortable.

#5 Orient Electric Aeroslim

When it is hot, using a smart fan is an inexpensive choice compared to spending on air conditioner. Moreover, maintaining a comfortable environment climate in your home is also a challenge. So, what is the solution for both these problems!

Smart Fans!

Yes, when every appliance is getting upgraded then why not fans! So, buying a smart ceiling fan can solve your problem. Choosing the best ceiling for your home helps keep you cool down in the summer & even warm in the winter.

Orient Electric Aeroslim Premium

Smart ceiling fans have a number of benefits. For example, they are less expensive than A.C., easily installed, available in a wide range of styles & sizes, noiseless, IoT operatable, & energy-efficient, etc.

So, don’t wait to buy the best Orient Electric Aeroslim Smart Fan!! This smart fan has exotic looks & available in a variety of colors. This Aeroslim fan is easily paired with smart technology like Alexa & Google assistant.

Take a quick look at its features:

  • Energy & cost saving fan.
  • Sustainable future.
  • Smartphone connectivity.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Higher thrust & air delivery.
  • Integrated LED light.

This Orient Aeroslim smart fan not only grace your house but is also durable. You can conveniently use it for a number of years. When you will unbox this smart fan then find components like motor, down rod, blade set, shackle & canopy.

This is an elegant piece that will give fantastic look to your décor. Its breeze mode is just amazing. Keep your smart fan on breeze mode which is much like a natural breeze & automatically adjust over intervals. Buying Orient Electric Aeroslim means you are valuing your money.

Overall, this is a silent & powerful fan with its mesmerizing looks. So, get instant cooling with this smart Orient Electric Aeroslim fan. It is most definitely a product worth considering. It adds that extra convenient control that everything should have in today’s current market.

Ceiling fans do have a few cons. Such as running the fan where no one is in the room wastes electricity. Where fan provides heat relief to people, not the room itself. However, heat relief is limited to the same room as the fan.

Consider this Orient Electric Aeroslim fan as it consumes less energy than central air-conditioning. Use multiple smart fans to cool the home. Even you can track the temperature & occupancy rates of rooms via apps.


These are the best smart ceiling fans you can buy in 2023, which will be operated remotely or via smart apps. You can check their price from the given links. Though, we highly recommend you to go with Atomberg Renesa, as its best good looking, long durable and supports all smart apps, so you can operate easily from anywhere. It’s a best-in-price option as well.

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