How to Get School Leaving Certificate Online?

Are you looking for School leaving certificate online? Did you lost your leaving certificate? Here is your answer to get duplicate or first copy of your leaving certificate online. Many people do lost or misplace leaving certificate and when they need it for passport application or for visa, they go for online search. So, here is your guide to how to get another duplicate leaving certificate or another copy of your leaving certificate.

What is School Leaving Certificate?

Leaving certificate is always needed when you need to enrolment in next course of school/college admission. This certificate is document which helps you to know when did you finish the course or schooling before entering next course / school.

Your Leaving Certificate Means;

  • You have completed course;
  • You want to go to different school;
  • Your current institute/school doesn’t offer you higher studies;
  • Proof that you have cleared all your fees and no due on your name in current school;


school leaving certificate online

What if lost, how to get school leaving certificate online?

The answer is very simple. The school leaving certificate (SLC) will be available from your school only. Either you need to visit your school or you can try to get is from your school’s official website online. Its very easy process, if you visit the school, they will give you duplicate copy of your SLC instantly.

If your school isn’t giving you instant certificate, you can write down an application requesting them to issue duplicate certificate on your request for XYZ reason.

Application Sample for School Leaving Certificate

SampleaSample application for school leaving certificateIf school doesn’t give you leaving certificate, then you might need to follow below mentioned steps or what your school suggest.

You might need to issue affidavit suggesting that on which circumstances you lost your LC. Also, you need to mention that this affidavit is prepared to obtain the duplicate Leaving certificate (LC) from XYZ school.

You can do Notary on Rs.100 Stamp paper that you lost your LC and submit it to your school.

You might even need to file Police FIR for lost LC as well if your school demand so. Just handover the affidavit to school authority, they will issue new LC to you.

Is it really necessary to get Leaving certificate? 

It totally depends on your purpose. If you are going for passport or visa, you might compulsory need to produce SLC. But recently, Government of india has told that “School leaving certificate not mandatory for students”.

This comes after corona lockdown period, when students are not able to go out, in that case, Govt of india has allowed to make LC optional.

Online school leaving certificate is available to those only where school allow you to download or apply for duplicate LC from their official website.

How to apply for CBSE and other state board school for LC?

For CBSE and all other state board, the process is same as mentioned above. But for Maharashtra state, they can find the link to download the leaving certificate on this link. (As mentioned here, First and second Leaving Certificate of Student in Maharashtra).

This way, you can download the school leaving certificate (SLC) online for CBSE and state board schools.

So, now you know how to obtain duplicate leaving certificate online. Hope our guide helps you. For more updates and help, keep checking our blog.

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