Gemini Lucky Number Today, Gemini Lucky Color, Gemini Lucky Days

Gemini is the very third sign in the list of the 12 zodiac signs. If you are born between May 21 to June 21, your Sun sign is Gemini. The symbol of the Gemini zodiac sign is The Twins. The sign is ruled by Mercury. The zodiac sign also symbolizes highly enthusiastic and enterprising, commendable memory and grasping power. Henceforth, Gemini is also known as the Air sign that personifies a Stable and Trustworthy spirit. Compared to other zodiac signs, the Gemini are Great communication skills, Quickness, Imagination, Vivacity, Enthusiasm and diplomacy. Again, the Gemini is also Impatient, Indecisive, Two-Faced and Lazy.

Are you also looking forward to learning about the Gemini zodiac sign? Let’s explore Gemini’s lucky numbers today in detail today.

Gemini Lucky Number, weekdays, Color, and Gemstone:

The Gemini lucky numbers include 5,6,9, 14, 23, and 32. Similarly, the Gemini lucky Color is Green, Yellow and Orange. For them, Gemini lucky alphabet is P, K, R, T and G. Next on the list, Gemini lucky letters are R, S, Sh. The Gemini lucky days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Lucky Zodiac signs for Gemini Men/women are Libra and Aquarius. Scorpio and Capricorn are considered to be unlucky zodiac signs for Gemini.



Gemini Lucky Number For Today

5,6,9, 14, 23, and 32 are today's lucky numbers for Gemini.

Name of the ruling planet for the Gemini sign:

The ruling planet of Gemini zodiac sign is Mercury.

Best Characteristics of Gemini sign for men and women:

Gemini men and women are Great communication skill, Quickmess, Imagintion, Vivacity, Enthusiasm and diplomacy.

Best profession for Gemini Sign men and women:

The best profession for men and women from Gemini sign include Accountants, Clerks, Salesmen, School Teachers, Photographers, Journalist, Research Jobs, Judges, Civil or Mech. Engineers.

Best body parts for Gemini sign men and women:

The best body part for the Gemini sign men and women is the Shoulders, Arms, Right Hand, Right Ear.

Best years of life for Gemini sign men and women:

According to Astrology, the best years of Gemini are 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 59.

Element of Gemini sign

The element of Gemini is Air.

Which are Lucky Gemstones for Gemini?

The Gemini lucky gemstone is Aquamarine, Agate. The unlucky stone for the Gemini is Red Coral.

Gemini Lucky Color

Green, Yellow and Orange are Gemini's Lucky Color.

Gemini Lucky Alphabet

P, K, R, T and G are Gemini's Lucky Alphabet.

Gemini Lucky Letters

R, S, Sh are Lucky Letters for Gemini.

Gemini Lucky Days of Week

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are Lucky Days of Week for Gemini.

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