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Music has always given wondrous moments. And JIO helps in sharing your wondrous moments with your friends and family through the BSNL Caller Tune. Yes, BSNL provides a caller tune service through which the customers set a song as their hello tune for greeting or entertaining their callers. Also termed as BSNL caller tune number 2023, this service helps in setting a caller tune in BSNL numbers with ease. BSNL has launched an app named My BSNL Tunes App for clearing all the quality tracks to the users which can be used by both postpaid and prepaid users.

What is BSNL Caller Tune?

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, one of the renowned telecom companies owned by the Government of India, provides Personalized Ring Back Tune services by the name BSNL Tune Portal. This portal carries a variety of caller tunes for the customers to set them on their phones as caller tunes. The caller tunes are available in various languages like Rajasthani, Marathi, Hindi, English, Punjabi, Gujarati, and many more. You can select any album, artist, or even movie song and set it as your hello tune. Apart from all these other genre caller tunes include Shayari, International, Funny tunes, name tunes, and much more. For this, the telecom company charges a minimal amount of monthly fee from the customers. There are many BSNL tune packs to select from as per your choice and needs.

So, through this post, let’s learn how to set or activate a BSNL caller tune by SMS 2023.

There are several ways of activating the BSNL tunes on your phone number. However, it should also be known that before activating the caller tune, the customers can also listen to the demo version and check the lyrics from the website. Again, not only the mobile phone users but the BSNL landline users can also use this IVR system for using the caller tune service.

Activating BSNL Caller Tune Number 2023

bsnl caller tune number

The BSNL customers can utilize the BSNL caller tune number for setting their favorite tunes through the IVR system. Here are the steps you need to follow for setting a caller tune.

  • Open your phone and dial the number 56700 or 56768, or 56789.
  • Select your choice of language.
  • Listen to the instructions given to you on the IVR system.
  • For proceeding, to set your caller tune, dial, or press the correct number.
  • Confirm the activation of the BSNL hello tune you want to set.

Apart from this, other ways of activating the hello tunes on BSNL include:

  • By sending SMS.
  • Through BSNL online website.
  • By using the My BSNL Tunes App.

Activating BSNL Caller Tune by SMS:

Here are the quick steps to activate the BSNL caller tune with the help of SMS.

  • Open your phone and create a new message or SMS.
  • Type a message “BTACT” and send it to the number 56700.
  • As you haven’t selected any caller tune or music of your choice, the company would play the default BSNL tune as your caller tune.
  • For setting your favorite music or tune as your caller tune SMS BT Tune Code to the number 56700.
  • By visiting the BSNL caller tune number 2023 website, you can easily get the code of the song you want to set as your caller tune.
  • Type the “Song Name” and send it as an SMS to the number 56799.
  • The customers can also get the BSNL code for their tune by making a call on the BSNL customer care number.

Once you have sent an SMS or given a call to the customer care number, you will receive a confirmation SMS from the BSNL hello tune services shortly regarding successful activation. However, the customers should make a note that the messages they send to the telecom company for activation of the hello tunes are chargeable.

Activating Hello Tunes through My BSNL Tunes App

Here are the steps you need to follow for activating the hello tunes through the My BNSL Tunes App.

  • Download the My BSNL Tunes App on your mobile phone.
  • Install the app and allow every permission asked at the time of installation.
  • Log in using your BSNL phone number.
  • Search your favorite BSNL song in the list.
  • Click on the selected song or track and listen to the track before activating.
  • Click on “All Callers” from the menu “Set for”.

With the help of the Search box given on the top side of the page, find the track you want to use as your hello tune. Through the app, it becomes easy to activate the BSNL Tune number on your BSNL number.

Wrapping the content, all these steps would easily help you set your favorite hello tune as your caller tune. It should also be noted that the steps can be followed by both the postpaid users and the prepaid users.

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