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Are you a Punjabi, who wants to get updated with the latest news across surroundings? Then, start reading Ajit newspaper from today. In short, Ajit newspaper is the most popular Punjabi newspaper around the world. Started a successful journey in 1941, the Ajit newspaper has already spread its wings to Haryana, Delhi, Amritsar, Firozpur, Moga, Patiala, and various other cities of Punjab, India.

Ajit newspaper is aimed at keeping readers updated with day-to-day authentic news revolving around politics and different other social issues. Do you want to keep yourself updated with general knowledge to perform better in competitive exams? Then, Ajit newspaper is an ideal option for you if you are a Punjabi reader.

Whether it is about ajit newspaper today Ludhiana or ajit newspaper today Amritsar, you can always expect only straightforward and authentic content without any discussion on insignificant matters.

Ajit Newspaper – More Information in Brief

Are you not able to go through the Ajit newspaper’s broadsheet version due to the tight schedule? Don’t worry- the e-paper version is there to cater to your needs. The online version of this newspaper is available every morning to keep readers updated with the latest happenings.

Ajit akhbar is published from Jalandhar, Punjab (India) with a circulation of 333 thousand. Barjindar Singh Hamdard (an ex Rajya Sabha member) is working as the chief editor of this eminent Punjabi newspaper. The Hindi wing of Ajit newspaper is Ajit Samachar. Hence, if you cannot comprehend Punjabi, you can go through the Hindi newspaper.

The official website of Ajit newspaper started its journey in 2002 (https://ajitjalandhar.com/) with thousands of daily viewership. Ajit Jalandhar e-paper and Ajit newspaper today are other wings of Ajit newspaper.

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Ajit Newspaper: A Remarkable Journey on the world of Newspaper

Ajit newspaper started its journey in Lahore, British India in 1941. Post-partition in 1947, the base of the newspaper was transferred into Jalandhar. The Ajit newspaper daily is also known as Ajit Patrika. However, the name was changed to Ajit again.

The Ajit newspaper today Amritsar covers news across national news, sports fashion, international news, Punjabi films, business politics, and Hindi films. Do you want to go through the e-paper of Ajit Jalandhar newspaper? Yes? Then, visit the official website of Ajit Jalandhar newspaper, which is https://ajitjalandhar.com/.

The owner of the Ajit newspaper is Sadhu Singh Hamdard trust. The newspaper is available in both Broadsheet and PDF versions. Furthermore, more than 3,33,000 copies of Ajit newspaper are circulated daily to keep readers updated with the latest happenings. In addition, Ajit newspaper comes with two sister newspapers, which are Daily Ajit and Ajit Samachar.

How to Read Ajit EPaper ? – Punjabi Daily Newspaper

Ajit e-paper is updated on a day-to-day basis. Hence, anyone can read this Punjabi daily newspaper free online by visiting ajitjalandhar.com.

On the other hand, Ajit e-paper is also available on the application of this newspaper. You can check out the online edition by downloading the app from App Store or Google Play. It is time to check out the steps to view the Ajit e-paper:

First, go to the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ajit.news.paper .

Keep scrolling down the page and click “Enter Epaper.”

Next, scroll down to choose the preferred city.

As a result, the latest Ajit newspaper would be there on your screen.

Now, you can enjoy reading the newspaper to boost your knowledge quota.

It is also possible to cut and share a particular content from the desired page.

How to Download Daily Ajit EPaper from Google Play or App Store?

  • Launch Google Play on your device.
  • Start searching for Ajit ePaper.
  • Once it is found, tap “install.”
  • When it is installed on your device, it is time to select the date of the e-paper.
  • You would find various editions of Ajit e-paper in terms of cities.
  • Select the preferred option and start reading the newspaper.

Have you found any content of Ajit e-paper insightful and shareable? Then, you can share it via the daily Ajit app.

For more updates, you can follow the social media pages of the Ajit newspaper. Please find the links below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dailyajit/

Youtube: https://youtube.com/user/ajitwebtv

Download Ajit ePaper PDF Today

Date Download Link
12th November 2023 Download Ajit Newspaper

Wrapping Up

It is time to build a habit of reading a best-in-class newspaper presenting authentic news. And if you can comprehend Punjabi, start your newspaper reading journey with Ajit newspaper whether it is broadsheet or e-paper.

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