Verizon USSD Codes List 2023

Verizon USSD codes open up the space to do various activities. The latest USSD codes of Verizon help to check balance, voicemails, and other details.

The Verizon Codes:

Verizon codes allow accessing hidden features of Verizon numbers by the users. You can call on Verizon codes to know the balance, call forwarding, data usage, and more.

Free Verizon service codes:

Pound codes and star codes are numbers that help to manage your Verizon wireless account by calling from your Verizon mobile phone. Like #BAL(#225) to check balance, #DATA(#3282) to check data usage, #MIN(#646) to check minutes, #PMT(#768) for payment, *611 to call Verizon customer services, *73 to stop forwarding calls, *86 to check voicemail and more.

Verizon cell phone secret codes:

Most of the secret codes for mobile phones usually appear with “#.”. Hidden codes can be used to access fascinating hidden apps and settings for mobile phones. These codes are classified into main categories

  • USSD codes.
  • MMI codes.

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USSD codes:

It’s known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. These codes help to communicate between smartphones and mobile network machinists. USSD codes are largely approved by the common users. They used USSD codes to access information easily as most of them have their app or website. Earlier, USSD codes were used to start and stop certain value-added services, help to know about data usage and prepaid balance, and to access carrier-specific information. Still, these are used by smartphone followers.

MMI codes:

It’s known as the Man-Machine Interface schema. MMI codes help to access compulsive things on your smartphone. Only a few of the MMI codes can fairly work on all android smartphones. Fewer them are *#06# to show IMEI of the phone, *#07# to display the device’s SAR value, *#*#225#*#* to show storage info of the calendar, *#12580*369# for software and hardware information, *#*#232338#*#* for MAC address and more. These are the generic secret codes for android phones.

Some testing codes are *#*#197328640#*#* function to test mode, *#*#0842#*#* for brightness and vibration test, *#*#232339#*#* for Wi-Fi test, *#*#2664#*#* for touchscreen testing, *#*#0588#*#* for proximity sensor testing, *#*#0289#*#* for audio testing and more.

Some of the configuration codes are *#9090# function for diagnostic settings, *#301279# for HSDPA/HSUPA settings, and *#872564# for USB logging settings.

USSD codes and MMI codes are updated automatically as new versions are released for android software.

*86 phone code Verizon:

*86 code is used to access voicemail from the phone. The voicemail app is always pre-installed on android phones. It can be found in applications. In this app, you don’t have to sign in because the app already knows you. If you face any problems with this then you can ask to sign in by opening the app. You can access the voicemail in three different ways

  • To press and hold 1.
  • By dialling Xfinity mobile phone number.
  • By dial *86.

Verizon wireless balance check:

Verizon wireless codes are probably best for work on AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, and some others.

By calling #BAL(#225) you can find the balance on your account.

By calling #MIN(#646) you can check your minute usage.

Dial #PMT(#768), you can make your payment.

Using #DATA you can check your data usage.

For Verizon wireless gift card balance you can use #GIFT.

To make payment on a prepaid account can use #PAY.

For roadside assistance for towing, jump start #ROAD can be used.

On the android device account management feature, right from your device dial *611 to view your usage, view and pay bills, and change your plan and features.

To cancel call forwarding dial *73.

To cancel call forwarding* dial *730.

Dial *71+number To cancel no answer call forwarding.

To cancel no answer call forwarding* dial *710.

To dial *18 to follow-me roaming On.

For voice gear dial #VG(#84).

Cricket Wireless APN Settings

Verizon codes for iPhone:

There are lots of secret codes on your phone. Secret codes help to find out information and help troubleshoot problems and make outgoing calls on your device. Sort codes, star codes, pound codes, and service codes are included in these hidden dialer codes. If some codes have stopped working then new codes will appear. iPhones can run about all the codes without any false codes. Some certain codes only work on iPhones.

On iPhone to check IMEI, EID, and MEID numbers you can type *#06#.

To make anonymous calls enter *67 before dialing the number.

To show the number on the caller ID enter *82 before dialing the number.

Dial *5005*25370# and *5005*25371# To enable or disable the test emergency alert.

Dial 611 To call customer service. It will also work on Verizon wireless.

Verizon * Codes:

Star codes are used to activate and deactivate FiOS digital voice and traditional voice calling.

*69 call return to activate *69 and deactivate *89.

For anonymous call rejection and call blocking dial *77 to activate and *87 to deactivate.

Dial *66 to activate and *86 to deactivate busy redial.

For call block dial *60 to activate and *80 to deactivate.

For call forwarding dial *72 to activate and *73 to deactivate.

Hope this article was helpful for you to get access to amazing features on your phone through simple codes.

Where to find free verizon service codes?

We have mentioned free verizon service codes above with all options, do check the verizon service codes.

What is verizon wireless balance check?

By calling #BAL(#225) you can get your verizon wireless balance on phone.

What are Verizon codes for iPhone and Android?

We have mentioned verizon codes for iphone and Android for Balance check, Minute usage, payment, data usage, call forwarding, and for all other services above, do check.

What are *86 phone code verizon?

*86 phone code verizon is used to access voicemail box. You can check the detailed guide above.

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