Vancouver SkyTrain Route, working hours, Schedule

The Vancouver SkyTrain is a fully-automated light rapid transit system with three integrated routes serving the Metro Vancouver area. The trains mainly operate on bridges and elevated rocks, giving excellent views while moving around the city. Cars and SkyTrain stations are wheelchair accessible and closely linked with bus service.

SkyTrain Lines

The Vancouver SkyTrain system contains 3 lines – The Expo Line, the Millennium Line, and the Canada Line, connecting 53 stations throughout Metro Vancouver. The Expo line connects downtown Vancouver with Surrey, Burnaby, and New Westminster. The Millennium Line takes from East Vancouver to Burnaby and into Port Moody and Coquitlam. The Canada Line travels between Downtown Vancouver, Richmond, and the Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

  • Total Operational Route – 79.6 km.
  • Total Operational Stations – 53.

SkyTrain Frequency

In between stations, the SkyTrains travel at 90 kph speed without impediments. The Expo line has the fastest end-to-end service in Canada for distance travel. Service is frequent and ranges from 2-20 minutes, depending on your location and the time. Even during non-peak hours, every 6-8 minutes, SkyTrains run through most stations. The Seabus and Vancouver city buses integrate the SkyTrain system completely.

If you are out late at night, please pay close attention to the SkyTrain hours. It does not operate all around the clock. The first and last train departure may vary based on the line. There are three schedules: Monday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays. The SkyTrain will run from 5:30 am until Midnight on weekdays, 6:30 am until Midnight on Saturdays, and 8 am until 11 pm on Sundays and Holidays.

As visible on the SkyTrain map, the original stations of the Millennium line, which connect Waterfront station to VCC-Clark Station, are designed by top architects of British Colombia. The Busby and Associates Architects were honored with the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture in 2004.

Vancouver SkyTrain Route Map

Vancouver SkyTrain
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SkyTrain Vancouver Ticket Prices

There are three different fare zones all across Vancouver. Your fare is determined by the distance crossed by the SkyTrain boundaries. A single fare with 90 minutes validity is available on SkyTrains. Weekend travelers will fall on Zone 1 fare. The prices of visits are as follows:

  • For zone 1 – An adult ticket costs 3.5 dollars & concession is 2 dollars
  • For zone 2 – An adult ticket costs 4.35 dollars & concession is 3 dollars
  • For zone 3 – An adult ticket costs 5.90 dollars & concession is 4.05 dollars

What places can you watch via SkyTrain?

You can watch several notable destinations while traveling on SkyTrain. The following are sightseeing places via SkyTrain.

Aberdeen Station

This is the stop station for Aberdeen Center. It is an Asian-influenced retail complex with over 85 services and stores. You can see exotic fashions, innovative home goods, teashops, international cuisine and herbal shops here.

Commercial-Broadway Station

This is the city’s most colorful & diverse neighborhood. You can easily reach this place by SkyTrain. The station is at the corner, walk north up to explore a multicultural mix of cafes, boutiques and grocery stores.

King Edward Station

Queen Elizabeth Park is just a few steps away from the King Edward Station. It is a lushly landscaped sanctuary with many activities, such as tennis, lawn bowling, and golf. Natural lovers will never miss this conservatory that is encased by a glass dome. Alfresco meal is famous on the patio in the Park restaurant.

Vancouver City Centre Station

This is easily walkable from the Pacific Centre shopping mall, the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. You can explore many chic boutiques, sidewalk cafes and restaurants nearby Robson Street.

Canada Line

There are a number of retail areas and cultural attractions on the Canada line. They make the Canada line an ideal mode of transportation for shopping and sightseeing.

Yaletown-Roundhouse Station

After getting to this station, you can stroll the Yaletown neighborhood, a colorful mix of heritage buildings, cafes, boutiques, restaurants, and nightlife venues.

Main Street-Science World Station

This is the gateway to a science world. You just walk a few steps toward the waterfront to Science World, the eye-catching dome located in Vancouver. Visitors can learn about electricity, rocket science, and human anatomy here. They can even watch an educational film on the Omnimax theatre’s big screens.

Some Faqs about SkyTrains:

What time does the SkyTrain starts?

The SkyTrain Starts at 5.30 am daily.

What time does SkyTrain close?

The SkyTrain closes at 1.00 am.

What are the SkyTrain holiday hours?

The SkyTrain operates from 7.00 am to 12.30 am on Sundays and on Public holidays.

What are the SkyTrain stops?

Stop1: Stadium-Chinatown station; Stop 2: Commercial – Broadway station; Stop 3: New Westminster station; Stop 4: Bridgeport station; Stop 5: Waterfront station;.

Fun facts about SkyTrain

  • Trains are designed with complete air conditioning.
  • Trains are driverless because Linear Induction Motor Technology is used. It uses magnets to move the steel wheels.
  • Some stations are built with metal, wood, and glass.
  • The tracks are 1.4 meters wide.
  • The metro uses 600 volts of electricity.
  • It is the longest automated metro service in the world.

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