Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route Map, Status 2023 | Opening Date

Delhi Mumbai Expressway is a dream project of the Indian Government. Its foundation was laid in March 2019 and is scheduled for inauguration on March 26, 2023 (Expected). It is mainly intended to connect the two biggest hubs of the country, i.e. New Delhi, the National capital, and Mumbai, the Economic capital. This eight-lane global longest expressway can expand up to twelve lanes as per traffic volume. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, a controlled-access highway of 1,380 kilometers, was proposed to reduce the distance between the two major hubs by having travel time from 24 hours to 12 hours.

Project Details – Delhi to Mumbai Expressway

  • Total Cost of Project – Initially Rs.1,00,000 Cr (Expected to increase)
  • Total Lenth – 1,350 kilometer
  • Status – 1,172 Km under construction, 165 Km Work awarded, Work to Start, 30km under bidding, 15km DPR in Progress.
  • Scheduled Opening: January 26, 2023 (Unlikely).

Delhi Mumbai Expressway

Delhi Mumbai Expressway Status

Below is the Status of the Delhi to Mumbai Expressway as on 11th May 2022 (Sourced from As you can see, Approx 75% of the work has been completed on Delhi to Mumbai Expressway.

Update:- Sohna to Dausa, First Phase of Delhi – Mumbai Expressway to start from November – December 2022. As you can see below, Package 1 to Package 7 is completely done in Phase 2 of the Delhi Mumbai Expressway.

Phase 1 – DND – FARIDABAD – SOHNA (59 KM) – 31 KM Jewar Airport Connectivity

Package (length) & SectionContractor / Awarded toCurrent Status City/State
Package 1 (9 km) – Km 0.000 to Km 9.000DRA Infracon29%Hariyana
Package 2 (24 km) – Km 9.000 to Km 33.000DRA Infracon44%Hariyana
Package 3 (26 km) – Km 33.000 to Km 59.063DRA Infracon69%Hariyana
Package 4 (31 km) – Jewar Airport ConnectivityAPCO InfratechUttar Pradesh

Phase 2 – SOHNA – VADODARA (844 KM)

Package (length) & SectionContractor / Awarded toCurrent Status City/State
Package 1 (18 km) – Km 0.000 to Km 18.460APCO Infratech98%Hariyana
Package 2 (29 km) – Km 18.460 to Km 46.960APCO Infratech94%Hariyana
Package 3 (32 km) – Km 46.960 to Km 78.760Centrodorstroy India97%Hariyana
Package 4 (37 km) – Km 78.760 to Km 115.660HG Infra Engineering100%Rajasthan
Package 5 (36 km) – Km 115.660 to Km 151.800KCC Buildcon100%Rajasthan
Package 6 (31 km) – Km 151.800 to Km 182.960KCC Buildcon100%Rajasthan
Package 7 (31 km) – Km 182.960 to Km 214.220Gawar Constructions100%Rajasthan
Package 8 (33 km) – Km 214.220 to Km 247.270HG Infra Engineering95%Rajasthan
Package 9 (46 km) – Km 247.270 to Km 292.910HG Infra Engineering84%Rajasthan
Package 10 (26 km) – Km 292.910 to Km 319.360Dhaya Maju Infra – Crescent EPC39%Rajasthan
Package 11 (12 km) – Km 319.360 to Km 330.990Larsen & Toubro (L&T)62%Rajasthan
Package 12 (28 km) – Km 330.990 to Km 359.130GR Infraprojects51%Rajasthan
Package 13 (29 km) – Km 359.130 to Km 388.380CDS Infra Projects55%Rajasthan
Package 14 (31 km) – Km 388.380 to Km 418.960Dhaya Maju Infra – Crescent EPC JV32%Rajasthan
Package 15 (8 km) – Km 418.960 to Km 427.260Dilip Buildcon (DBL)11%Rajasthan
Package 16 (25 km) – Km 427.260 to Km 452.390DRA Infracon64%Rajasthan
Package 17 (32 km) – Km 452.390 to Km 484.390JCEC – MKC Infra JV87%Madhya Pradesh
Package 18 (33 km) – Km 484.390 to Km 517.390GR Infraprojects98%Madhya Pradesh
Package 19 (30 km) – Km 517.390 to Km 546.890JCEC – MKC Infra JV80%Madhya Pradesh
Package 20 (25 km) – Km 546.890 to Km 572.190GHV (India)94%Madhya Pradesh
Package 21 (30 km) – Km 572.190 to Km 602.390GR Infraprojects99%Madhya Pradesh
Package 22 (25 km) – Km 602.390 to Km 627.390Larsen & Toubro99%Madhya Pradesh
Package 23 (25 km) – Km 627.390 to Km 652.690GR Infraprojects84%Madhya Pradesh
Package 24 (21 km) – Km 652.690 to Km 673.740GR Infraprojects99%Madhya Pradesh
Package 25 (23 km) – Km 673.740 to Km 696.890GR Infraprojects94%Madhya Pradesh
Package 26 (30 km) – Km 696.890 to Km 726.390Atlas Constructions – NKC JV5%Gujarat
Package 27 (29 km) – Km 726.390 to Km 755.390GHV India15%Gujarat
Package 28 (26 km) – Km 755.390 to Km 780.890GHV India20%Gujarat
Package 29 (23 km) – Km 780.890 to Km 803.390PNC Infratech66%Gujarat
Package 30 (22 km) – Km 803.390 to Km 824.890Patel Infrastructure31%Gujarat
Package 31 (19 km) – Km 824.900 to Km 844.350PNC Infratech64%Gujarat

Phase 3 – VADODARA – VIRAR (354 KM)

Package (length) & SectionContractor / StatusCurrent Status City/State
Package 1 (24 km) – Km 355.000 to Km 378.740VK1 Expressway100%Gujarat
Package 2 (32 km) – Km 323.000 to Km 355.000IRCON Vadodara Kim Expressway97%Gujarat
Package 3 (31 km) – Km 292.000 to Km 323.000Patel Vadodara-Kim Expressway96%Gujarat
Package 4 (13 km) – Km 279.000 to Km 292.000Ashoka Ankleshwar Manubar Expressway97%Gujarat
Package 5 (25 km) – Km 254.430 to Km 279.000Sadbhav Kim Expressway22%Gujarat
Package 6 (37 km) – Km 217.500 to Km 254.430GR Infraprojects20%Gujarat
Package 7 (28 km) – Km 190.000 to Km 217.500IRB Infrastructure Developers13%Gujarat
Package 8 (35 km) – Km 154.600 to Km 190.000Roadway Solutions India Infra0%Gujarat
Package 9 (27 km) – Km 128.000 to Km 154.600Roadway Solutions India Infra Ltd.0%Gujarat
Package 10 (25 km) – Km 103.400 to Km 1280.00Roadway Solutions India Infra1%Gujarat
Package 11 (26 km) – Km 77.000 to Km 103.400RKC Infrabuilt2%Maharashtra
Package 12 (26 km) – Km 50.700 to Km 77.000Montecarlo6%Maharashtra
Package 13 (27 km) – Km 26.582 to Km 50.700 AND 0.000 to 3.000GR Infraprojects12%Maharashtra

Phase 4 – VIRAR – JNPT (Jawaharlal Nehru Port) (92 KM)

Package (length) & SectionContractor / StatusCurrent Status City/State
Package 14 (17 km) – Km 3.000 to Km 20.200IRCON International0%Maharashtra
Package 15 (23 km) – Km 20.200 to Km 43.000Agroh Infrastructure Developers0%Maharashtra
Package 16 (27 km) – Km 43.000 to Km 69.700Shivalaya Construction Co.0%Maharashtra
Package 17 (10 km) – Km 69.700 to Km 79.780IRCON International0%Maharashtra
Package 18 (15 km) – Km 79.780 to Km 94.290Tender Notice Pending0%Maharashtra

Following is the Delhi Mumbai Expressway status update:

  • It will connect with the Noida International airport at Jewar. The Faridabad-Ballabgarh bypass and DND flyway will be led by the link road.
  • An expressway between Chennai and Surat will connect the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway at Surat, which is approved by the Transport Ministry.
  • By December 2022, the Delhi Vadodara section of the Delhi Mumbai Expressway is expected to be ready, says NHAI officials.
  • The deadline for the project was initially in 2020, but later it was postponed to January 26, 2023. But, now, it is expected to be completed only by December 2023.

Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route Map

Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route Map

Cost of Delhi Mumbai Expressway

The construction cost of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is Rs. One lakh crore with land cost. It is executed as per the Bharatmala Pariyojna Phase-1 plan. Out of 1380 km, 1200 km is awarded as per the contract, the Government officials say. The Government will implement the project in fifty-two construction packages. A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is formed by the National Highway authority to finance the construction & operation of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway route. It will be in the name of DME Development Limited. NHAI’s recent statement says that AAA ratings are given to DMEDL by CRISIL, Indian, and CARE ratings.

It will pass through five states, namely Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. Its route will begin from Gurgaon and pass through Jaipur & Sawai Madhopur Rajasthan, Ratlam Madhya Pradesh, and Vadodara Gujrat. The Delhi Mumbai Expressway route will help to eliminate the Delhi-Mumbai distance from 727 to 572 kilometres.

80 lakh tons of cement will be expected to use for the mega-budget project. The Delhi Mumbai Expressway route map will create lakhs of employment opportunities for skilled technicians and ground labourers.

Unique features of the Delhi to Mumbai Expressway

E-Highway: Government is planning to stretch Delhi to Mumbai Expressway as an e-highway. In this way, trucks, and buses can run at a speed of 120 km/hour to eliminate vehicular pollution. The minimal speed and congestion-free expressway will lower the logistics expenses by up to 70%, as heavy vehicles will use electricity instead of diesel. It will also have 4 dedicated lanes for all-electric vehicles throughout the entire route of eight lanes. Besides, a high barrier of 1.5-metre will be built on both sides of the expressway road for security purposes, and inside slip lanes, the toll plaza will be set up.

Wildlife Crossings: The 8-lane expressway will be around Ranthambore National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, and Mukundara National Park, on stretches of 2.5 km. Mukundara National park and Matheran eco-sensitive zone are India’s first eight-lane road tunnels. This longest expressway will include the country’s first animal over bridges that are mainly designed to maintain the wildlife section unaffected by project construction.

animal underpass delhi mumbai expressway
Animal Underpass constriction near Sawai Madhapur, Rajasthan

Roadside services: In this expressway, one can find out facilities such as single-brand food stores Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Subway, food courts, hotels, fuel stations, ATMs, retail shops, and charging stations for electric vehicles. It is the first expressway with helipads and well-equipped trauma centers every 100 kilometers for any medical emergencies.

Eco-Friendly aspects: It is an environment-friendly route. This expressway will cover around 20 lakh trees and they will be watered by the drip irrigation method. It is expected to cut about 850 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions thru tree plantations. Using a combination of solar energy and state grids will help operate roadside lights on the expressway.

Latest information about the project

90% of the construction of the stretch between Alipur to Dausa has been completed. Once the stretch is inaugurated, the travel time will be reduced from 4 hours to 2.5 hours. This 8-lane expressway will surely help to reduce congestion and traffic on the road. Optic fiber cable networks are enabled in the Delhi-Mumbai expressway, which is a part of India’s National Broadband Mission. Optic fiber cable networks have the potency of advancing telecommunication connectivity. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway map is divided into 4 segments, each of which passes through a different state.

When Will Delhi Mumbai Expressway open?

The Delhi Mumbai Expressway is expected to Open by End of 2024. The Government of India has put a deadline of 26th January 2023 (which is unlikely to meet). The Work is going Fast for sure.

Which Company is making Delhi Mumbai Expressway ?

We have mentioned Package wise Contract awarded company for Delhi Mumbai Expressway. Please check above table.


As discussed above, this dedicated e-lane is expandable up to 12 lanes. It will cover many main cities and be the first e-way with 5-animal bridges. This mega-budget expressway is expected to be completed by December 2023.

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