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Paytm FASTag is a reloadable prepaid tag that will be mounted in the center of your vehicle’s front windshield. It facilitates you to move hassle-free through Toll Plaza without stopping & relevant toll charges will involuntarily get deducted from your Paytm wallet.


The tag is based on RFID technology and is a part of the Government of India initiative. Money can be added to Paytm Wallet using UPI or from any bank account. Easily add money to your Paytm Wallet & FASTag Wallet will automatically set aside a sum from it.


It is suggested to add ample balance to Paytm wallet 30 mins earlier to the journey for a hassle-free toll experience. The threshold sum associated with your automobile type will involuntarily be added to your FASTag sub-wallet at the time of issuance. You can verify the FASTag sub-wallet in the passbook part of your Paytm app.


Installing and using Paytm FASTag


Paytm FASTag customer care

Anyone can easily install the Paytm FASTag. First, remove the adhesive strip and put the tag cautiously in the center of your automobile’s front windshield (from inside just behind the rearview mirror).


Make sure that the Paytm FASTag customer care number is visible to the driver. Add money to Paytm wallet to facilitate automatic deduction of applicable toll charges at all National Highway Authority of India’s toll plazas. Keep the Instructions set near to the FASTag Welcome kit handy for reference.


Don’t use adhesive tape or other adhesives in order to evade nuisance in Toll Payments. In the Manage Tags section in your FASTag sub-wallet to find the list of tags linked to your wallet the Tag-wise transaction details of all toll payments and the activation status of each FASTag that is linked to your Wallet.


When to contact the Paytm FASTag Customer Care:


Anyone can raise their concern anytime in the help section of your Paytm application by selecting the ‘Fastag’ category and a suitable issue. They will get back to you with a solution or by calling on Paytm FASTag customer care number. Sometimes even when you have paid in cash but the amount is deducted from Wallet as well, share the transaction screenshot and a scanned picture of the payment receipt with Paytm to get assisted for your issues.

Call PayTM FASTag Customer Care – 1800-120-4210 

You can also raise your concern by tapping on the ‘Need Help’ button from the transaction detail page in your passbook and choose appropriate concerns from the set categories. You can also contact them if need to substitute your dented tag with a new one at an applicable charge. Circumstances where you can select tag replacement – Broken windshield, Wear & tear of tag, etc. To raise a replacement appeal, write them mentioning your mobile number against which the tag has been registered along with the vehicle registration number.


Note – Above customer care number is valid all over india, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, tamilnadu and all other states. 

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When you get blacklisted the process is the same as other UPIs, contact Paytm FASTag Customer Care. Since it is an automated process, most of the time people ignore the fact that their wallet could be empty, even though SMS is sent, which end up being deleted or ignored.


In this case, you can get blacklisted for two days due to insufficient funds in your wallet. To remove yourself from the list you need to contact the National Highway Authority of India and explain to them your problems. When you find out about this issue, the first thing you should do is adding funds to the wallet and then gets yourself activated.


The toll tax depends on the weight category of the automobiles in accordance with the Regional Transport Office or the RTO. If anyone is collecting any illegal tax even after the maturity period of the plaza, directly contact the National Highway Authority of India.



Many characteristics of online transactions make it a bit hard when it was believed to be easy. Nevertheless, the issues mentioned above are rare cases happening. If you are facing many difficulties in this mode of transaction, contact the Paytm FASTag Customer Care number as soon as possible, to get it rectified, so that you can save time and also earn cashback from the offers given after these transactions. In case no one pays any heed, complain to higher positions, and if nothing happens, change the account or the bank.

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