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ICICI is one of the most popular and leading banks in the country and many parts of the world. You can have both savings and a current account from the ICICI bank. You will be provided with a debit card and cheque book when you open an account in the ICICI bank. The debit card can be used to withdraw cash from the ATM, to swipe at any outlet when you are shopping or you can use it for shopping online as well.

How to Unblock ICICI Debit Card? – Check Guide

ICICI Debit Card

Whether it is ATM withdrawal, online or offline transaction, you will have to either enter an ATM PIN or one-time password to complete the transaction. Without one of these two, you will not be able to complete the transaction. You should never share your ICICI debit card PIN or OTP with anyone.

There can be a situation where you lose your ATM card or someone has stolen it from you. In such a situation, you will have to make sure that you block your ICICI debit to avoid any kind of fraud transaction. If you have lost your debit card and phone that is linked with your ICICI bank account, then you need to be much more careful.

There are also chances that you found your card and you will need to unblock it. You will be able to do both blocking and unblocking of your debit cards online itself. There are two ways to block the ICICI debit card, temporary blocking, and permanent blocking. You will be able to unblock the debit card if you have blocked it temporarily. If you have done permanent blocking of your ICICI debit card, then you will not be able to do it yourself. You need to get in touch with the ICICI bank branch near you or call customer care for complete information or help.

Unblocking ICICI debit cards through internet banking

Here are the steps that you need to follow to unblock your ICICI debit card:

  • With the help of your ICICI bank credentials, you need to login into your ICICI bank account.
  • You should now click on the CARDS AND LOANS option on the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, you need to select ATM Debit card.
  • You will find the option BLOCK card on your screen and you need to select that option.
  • You will be directed to another page, where you will have to select the ICICI bank account number and the debit card that is linked to it.
  • You will find both block and unblock options on the screen and you need to select the right action that you wish to perform on your ICICI debit card.
  • You will also have to give the reason for unblocking your debit card from the drop-down menu that is displayed for you.
  • You can now select the submit button and complete the task.

Once the unblocking process is completed, you will receive one SMS on the mobile number that is registered with the ICICI bank.

Unblock ICICI debit card through iMobile App

  • You should first login into the iMobile app.
  • You select the Services and click on the Card services option.
  • Click on Block / Unblock Debit card option.
  • You will now be redirected to a new screen where you find the select card option and you will have to select the appropriate debit card that you wish to unblock.
  • Now select unblock option.
  • You should now select the correct bank account number and debit card number as well.
  • Select unblock and submit button.

Once the process is completed, an SMS is sent to the registered mobile number.

When you lose your debit card, you need to block the card and also make sure that you block it temporarily. That makes it easy for you to unblock the card if you find it again. Following these few simple steps can be very helpful in unblocking the ICICI debit card. The steps are very simple and can be done by anyone who is using the app. If you still find it difficult, then you can get in touch with the customer support team or the branch for proper guidance. They will be able to unblock even a permanently blocked card.

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