[Review] BTS official Lightstick Price in India 2023

The flash of small lighter blazes once enlightened to see in the dark. Then at some point, it was mobile phone flashlights waving brilliantly so anyone might see for themselves. Presently the BTS fandoms have concocted something considerably more innovative to exhibit their adoration for their deities: light sticks. But before we look for the BTS lightstick price in India, let’s check what it means and the different versions.

What are BTS light sticks?

Do you remember the magic wand in the hands of a fairy in any fairytale? The BTS light sticks are something similar to that. Seeming as though a cross between an enchanted young lady anime wand and a beefed-up spotlight. This LED BTS lightstick is controlled by AAA batteries, incorporates Bluetooth ability. It has caught the consuming hearts of thousands of worshipping fans. In addition to the fact that they define the icons’ gathering personality. They characterize the local area behind them. You’d be unable to observe a gathering at present that doesn’t have a light stick. Their plans resemble little masterpieces some are unbiased and exquisite and some are madly perplexing.

Many gatherings attempt to tweak the shape. Sometimes light sticks are based on their logo or another effectively conspicuous emblematic being referred to by a fan. They are made like weapons also known as Blackpink, creatures, GOT7, plants, and even vegetables also known as MAMAMOO. That uniqueness effectively fits light sticks turning into authority’s things.

The higher the show creation esteem and the more famous the gathering turns into; the more use of light stick happens.

One can get an ocean of one solitary tone, or you may get a whole rainbow of shading evolving lights. However, ostentatious or basic, they are at last all cooperative instruments for the great visual portrayal of millions of fans. The light sticks are the objects those show the exact worship amount. It represents what they mean to them. To under light sticks, more here is a brief explanation about the different versions of BTS light sticks available in the market along with their price.

BTS lightstick Version 1

Around two years after the presentation of BTS, Big Hit Entertainment reported the arrival of the gathering’s fan official light stick. On March 10, 2015, BTS’s true light stick configuration was revealed through the gathering’s fan bistro. Having a clear, adjusted shape, this light stick mirrors the example of a globe depicting. How the gathering has assumed control over the world with developing worldwide notoriety. All individuals shared photographs of them with the lit light stick.

A dark bomb on a basic dark stands the plan is straightforward and strong. The circle is remembered to represent a globe, addressing the gathering’s developing worldwide prevalence. The second version of the light stick was released in 2017. With an advanced sleeker stand, superior tip, and radiant sheen. The price of Version 1 ranges from around Rs. 2000 to Rs.3000.

BTS lightstick Version 2

bts lightstick ver 2

In January 2017, a secret picture was uncovered. It was the second form for the Army Bomb. This subsequent form was delivered on February 10, 2017. It was accompanied by Bluetooth to empower shading changes during shows. Apink another creative spectrum, was designed by Panda that was designed with pink accents on the center. The design of the light stick was highly appreciated by the female fan. After some time, the BTS lightstick was officially given the name Panda in strawberry pink color. On starting the light stick, the ears, nose, and eyes of the Panda lighten up in pink. After a year, an advanced version of the same was introduced with incorporated features that can be controlled easily using a remote. The BTS official lightstick price in India is around Rs.5224.

BTS lightstick Version 3

On 5th July 2018, a picture was uncovered. This was the third form for the Army Bomb. This adaptation was delivered on July 27, 2018. It has an authority application to change the light stick to show and manual mode utilizing Bluetooth. GOT7 is a version that has several similarities with the Apink version. The name of the version is given by the 7th member of the BTS band. It is also an inspiration for the light sticks they designed. As IGOT7 means a baby bird in Korea. This version is given features similar to a clear bird swathing a neon green logo standing on a white stand. The price of the 3rd version of the BTS lightstick is around Rs.6752.

BTS lightstick Ver 4 Price in India

BTS official Lightstick

Last but not least, the 4th version is known as Mamamoo. It is the perkiest of plans. Mamamoo is given the shape of a radish while designing the light stick as in the Korean language. Here moo means radish. The very first version of the light was launched in 2015. It was given the shape of maraca in green that completely added gilding on the top of the radish shape. In the year 2017, Mamamoo launched its second design that improved the internal system. The current design comes with an option of using around 256 colors and also has the ability of vibration when used. The BTS lightstick ver 4 price in India is around Rs. 7000.

The light sticks might seem to be a small prop-like part for the K-pop industry. But for the fans, it is quite fascinating and required. The fans crucially wait for the announcement of the next release of the band music as well as the light stick and are ready to preorder the same. The light sticks are so popular among the fans that they are mostly out of stock. For orders, a cap is placed to fix the number of light sticks that can be pre-ordered. As the fans are quite interested in the purchase and use of the light sticks.

BTS Keychain for BTS Army

BTS Keychain

The artists or the BTS members are also quite dedicated and pay total attention to the minor detailing of the light stick design. This also explains the need for new designs of light sticks frequently.

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