How To Contact State Bank of India’s FASTag Customer Care?

According to a poll, there are hundreds of fast lanes on highways all around our country. These hundreds of toll counters use FASTag, which is a faster mode of the transaction when compared to cash.

You can avail of these services from the major banks of India as all of them are allowing transactions through FASTag wallet. Once connected to the UPI system, the transactions become easier. But nothing in this world is perfect. You will face certain issues which will make you contact a customer care number like SBI FASTag customer care.

When to Contact the SBI FASTag Customer Care?

SBI FASTag customer care

There are various times when you can be in a situation where you will need to call the SBI FASTag customer care number. They are as follows:

  • In case of unknown deduction: This happens most of the time, a scanner scans the tag twice, and double of the required amount is paid by the wallet automatically. In this case, contacting them will help you in getting a refund or a free pass for some other time you cross the same or any other Fastlane toll. Some stupid people also tend to steal the tags which allow them free passage, on your payments. When you complain about it to the bank, they will freeze the wallet and will take action against the culprit.
  • In case of inclusion in the blacklist: Since it is an automated process, most of the time people ignore the fact that their wallet could be empty, even though SMS is sent, which end up being deleted or ignored. In this case, you can get blacklisted for two days due to insufficient funds in your wallet. To remove yourself from the list you need to contact the National Highway Authority of India and explain to them your problems. When you find out about this issue, the first thing you should do is add funds to the wallet and then get yourself activated.

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  • Server issues: Sometimes due to bad weather or certain signal issues, you are stuck as the bank faces these issues. In cases like these too, you can contact the bank about the problems you are facing and might help you. Sometimes due to a lot of bandwidth traffic it may show some error or won’t show anything, and delay the process was supposed to be a fast one
  • Update related issues: Sometimes even when you have sufficient balance, it may not get updated due to some bug or a glitch, resulting in you being blacklisted or getting stuck at fast lanes far too often.
  • Physical issues: Sometimes the tag sent by the bank may not get connected to UPI or has sent the wrong tag, which may or may not let you pass through at someone else’s expense and vice versa. Sometimes there may be a malfunction in the tag which may work in the beginning and stop after some time or may work in principle but not in practicality.

How to contact SBI FASTag customer Care?

1800 11 0018 – This is SBI FASTag customer care number.

When filling out the forms and exchanging of documents take place, the agent might inform you about how you can contact them. Every bank has its number regarding FASTag issues, and so does the SBI; you can call the SBI FASTag customer care number or email your issues, which would be attended after some time.

Contact with genuine issues and issues related to the bank, it is also possible that it is the fault of the toll plaza’s fast lane and they might push the blame on the bank to get away or to make some extra money to let you pass.


In this, we learned that even something that is supposed to save time might result in wastage of time. So many aspects of online transactions make it a bit difficult when it was supposed to be easy. However, the issues mentioned above are rare case phenomena. If you are facing many difficulties in this mode of transaction, contact the respective bank as soon as possible, to get it rectified, so that you can save time and also earn cashback from the offers given after these transactions. In case no one pays any heed, complain to higher positions, and if nothing happens, change the account or the bank.

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