Rain APN Settings for 4g and 5g Internet Speed

Are you worried about your slow-speed internet? Do you use a Rain sim for data connectivity? Then this article is for you only! Rain is South Africa’s one of the leading telecom brand. Although, due to network congestion or your device’s APN settings, the internet speed slows down. To boost your cellular data connection, you have to modify the Rain APN settings. Read ahead to know Rain APN settings for 5G High-Speed Internet 2022.

What is Rain APN 5G Settings 2022?

My Rain is a popular South-Africa-based telco brand. The company provides a data-only network to a vast range of customers in South Africa. You have to buy a Rain Sim Card to avail of the 4G and 5G network services offered by the telco company. Sometimes, due to technical issues, the broadband loses its connectivity and you may face network issues. Although, with Rain APN 5G settings 2022, you can speed up your data strength efficiently.

Rain APN Configuration

Apart from general ways (Which we’ll describe later in the upcoming section), you can boost the Rain network speed on your iOS or Android device by modifying the Rain APN configuration. However, these Rain APN settings are retrieved automatically by the devices that hold the Rain Sim-Card. Though, if not, you have to manually reset the APN settings. Here, we have provided the steps to improve the Rain 5G/ 4G LTE speed on your android or iOS device by changing the Rain APN Settings.

T-Mobile 5G APN Settings

For Android

All the Rain Sim Card holders and the ones having an active Rain Data Plan can follow these steps to boost the internet connectivity on their Android devices.

Step 1: On your Android device, go to the phone’s settings and open it.

Step 2: Now, click on Mobile networks, and then, you have to tap on the “Access Point Name” option. If you are not able to find Access Point Name, you can look for the same through the search bar available in the settings.

Step 3: Enter these settings in Acess Point Name as shown below:

Rain APN Settings 2022 Rain APN details for High-Speed Internet (5G / 4G LTE)
Name Rain
APN rain
Username Not Set
Password Not Set
Multimedia Message Proxy
Multimedia Message Port Not Set
MCC default
MNC default
Authentication type none
APN type default,supl
APN protocol IPv4
Bearer Unspecified
Mobile Virtual Network Operator none


Step 4: Now, save the configuration in your device.

Step 5: At last, restart your android device to make the modifications come into effect.

Note: Even after making the changes, if your internet speed doesn’t improve, then cross-check the existing Rain APN configuration, to ensure that you haven’t mistakenly put commas or spaces where they weren’t needed.

rain apn settings

For iOS

Generally, it is pretty tough to alter or modify the settings of iOS devices. Although, if somehow you find a way to the settings of your iOS handset, here’s what you need to do afterwards to boost your internet connectivity.

Step 1: Open the settings of your iOS device.

Step 2: Then, go to the Mobile Data section and click on Mobile Data Network.

Step 3: Now, enter the details as shown here:

APN rain
Username (Leave it blank)
Password (Leave it blank)


Step 4: After you’ve modified the settings, return to your home screen and restart your device. The settings will be updated and you’ll experience fewer lags in your network.

How to improve Rain network speed?

We are quite assured that checking and changing the Rain APN 5G settings will boost your internet speed. Although, if you still face network issues, you can try out these other useful methods of improving Rain network speed:

  • Optimize your connection through the official website of Rain. First of all, log into the account and then click on “Manage”. There you will get the “Optimize my signal” option. Select the optimal tower near you that offers unobstructed internet speed.
  • There are always a few spots in homes and offices, where the data connection catches the best signal. Find that particular spot in your location.
  • The hack of all, whenever the data speed slows down for quite a while, switch on the Airplane mode on your device or just restart your device once. Doing this will probably improve your network strength.

Google Fi APN Settings

Rain 5G Speed network Issues

Since we now know how to improve Rain network speed. However, what is the main cause behind the network speed instability of Rain, and why many Rain users are experiencing Rain 5G/4G network issues? Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • The company is continuously growing and gaining more subscribers every day. This causes network congestion as many people try to connect at the same time. Consequently, the internet speed falls.
  • Plus, the routers of Rain switch constantly between towers which causes a lack of stability in the network. As a result, people experience fluctuating network connections, where at some point the speed is very high and in the other instance, it drops down to a minimum.

MetroPCS 5G APN Settings

Rain internet packages (4G / 5G)

Connection Price Features
5G Rs 499 per month ●      5G Indoor Router (Free-to-use)

●      25 Mbps Download Speed

●      Video streaming on HD (720p)

●      WIFI Unlimited

●      No contacts

Rs 699 per month ●      5G Indoor Router (Free-to-use)

●      50 Mbps Download Speed

●      Full HD Video streaming (1080p)

●      WIFI Unlimited

●      No contacts

●      Free Delivery

Rs 999 per month ●      5G Indoor Router (Free-to-use)

●      Ultra-Fast Download Speed

●      Full HD Video streaming (1080p)

●      Multiple HD Streaming

●      WIFI Unlimited

●      No contacts

●      Free Delivery

4G Rs 479 per month ●      Data Unlimited

●      Upto 10Mbps Data Speed

●      Basic quality Video Streaming (360p)

Rs 299 per month ●      Data Unlimited

●      Basic quality Video Streaming (360p)

Rs 250 per month ●      19 hours unlimited off-peak data per day

●      Off-peak between 11:00 pm – 6:00 pm next day.

●      R50 a gig during peak

We hope this article helped you with boosting your Rain network speed. You easily gain high-speed data connectivity by modifying the Rain APN settings for 5G High-speed internet. Just follow the directions given above in the article!

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