What is the Lien Amount in SBI and How to Clear the Lien Amount?

Have you seen the lien amount mark in all the bank accounts? If yes then it is very important to know why this mark is charged on your account. So the first thing to understand is that what does this lien amount mean?

Whether you are an SBI account holder or one of those people who want to open an account in SBI. It is very important for you that you have all the information about all the bank accounts and the lien amount. Many people do not have a clear idea about the lien amount. But you can know all the details about the lien amount with the help of this article.

What is Lien Amount in SBI or any other bank account?

Lien meaning or meaning of lien amount :- The Lien amount Indicates a lock that has been placed on your account. When it comes to the lien amount, be aware that the bank locks a particular amount for a specific time.

But when the amount gets frozen, then you are not able to withdraw it and use it for any purpose. When the lock is removed from your bank account, you can withdraw it or use it. The bank has the right to put the lien on the entire particular amount.

Reasons why the bank is putting a lien or lien amount in SBI

In Simple words, Lien means blocking the full amount or some

There is a question that comes to your mind that what is the Hindi meaning of lien then ” dharnikaran” is the lien meaning in Hindi.

When you take a loan from the bank after completing your funds, the bank makes a loan on your fixed deposit.

When it comes to general lien, the banker has the right to put a lien on all the deposits in the name of the depositor for some time. In this case, the depositor is responsible to pay some amount to the bank.

How one can clear the lien amount? or How to remove lien amount in sbi online ?

When the bank marks the lien amount on the balance, then the individual has to put some balance required in it. After setting all the liabilities, the bank removes the lien mark from your account. After removing the lien, then you can use your additional funds from your bank account.

If you fail to set the liabilities, the bank will use the funds in your account to set the lien amount. If you want to solve some issues related to Lien, then you have to go to the home branch and talk to the officer there. You can also set up the lien by calling the customer care service of the bank. If you have any other questions or queries regarding this topic then you can read faqs on SBI’s official website.

How one can get back the lien amount in sbi?

If the bank puts a lien mark on your account due to a minor mistake. So you can go to the branch and ask questions related to that queries. All the issues will be solved by the bank and they will remove the lien mark from your account.

It is not a good thing for any bank account holder that SBI or any other bank has charged the lien amount on his account. This may cause issues in the transaction of your particular account and even if you open two accounts in the same branch and one account gets charged by the lien. In this case, if you fail to pay money from one account then they will deduct money from your other account, and in the end, it becomes money drainage

If you deposit some security deposit in your account in addition to the fixed deposit So you can be sure that the lien amount has not been charged to your bank account. As the lien amount gets deposited in your account, then the bank stops the entire activity of your amount. Due to which you cannot do other transactions, then you must be sure that you are not breaking any rules of the bank.

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