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Are you looking for cuemath review? Is Cuemath fake or genuine? How much we can earn from cuemath? Many people on internet have claimed that through cuemath you can earn up to ₹40-50,000 per month, is this true? Cue math review is here, We are trying to answer all this questions today on this article about cuemath.

We have saw many people discussing about cuemath nowadays on internet and want to know how much you can earn with cuemath. So, here is detail review of cuemath from experienced person who worked with cuemath.

What is CueMath?

Cuemath is web portal which allows you to train yourself as mathematician expert. You can solve puzzle, sums, maths problems, create worksheets for students and earn money on cuemath. This portal is designed by IIT, Harvard pass-out experts to train your children with better maths.

Cuemath earning program

If you have child, who is studying in school, can learn maths, can get expertise in mathematics via Cuemath portal.

How to Earn Money through Cuemath?

To earn money through cuemath, you need to enroll as a math teacher in this portal and show your skills to students.

Below are some of the steps you need to follow before you start earning through cuemath.

Step 1 – To become tutor at cuemath, you need to be graduate or post graduate.

Step 2 – you can join their program to get certificate in maths learning.

Step 3 – you need to pay ₹5000 (non-refundable) fees to cuemath to join their portal.

Step 4 – You need to pay 40% of your earnings to cuemath at the end of every month end.

Step 5 – You can take online/offline classes to make more money through cuemaths.

How much money we can make per month through Cuemath?

It’s totally up to you, how much money you can make. If you have good communication skill, if you can easily explain solution to problems and more student join your program, you can earn more.

Still, an average tutor can make around ₹30,000-40,000 every month via cuemath.

Also, you can make money through making offline tuition class as well. You can convert your space in home tuition class.

Cue math gives you chance to convert your home/commercial space as Cue math center and allow your students to learn via offline education at your classes/home.

Who can join CueMath earning program?

This is one of the best work from home business idea. And if you are working from, have additional time to teach students or if you are housewife and eligible to teach students, you can join cuemath program.

Cue math will provide you option to get training and certificate from their portal, so you can earn more.

Their marketing team will help you to get more students from your area. So, you can earn more via teaching more students.

Overall, it’s a good way to make extra money for existing teachers and housewife’s who wants to earn money online.

Disadvantages of joining Cuemath earning program

Apart from few advantages, there are few disadvantages as well with cuemath. Below is some of the disadvantage to join this portal.

1st, they ask you to pay ₹5000 up front, non-refundable joining fees. Giving money before you earn is bit not reasonable at all.

So, join and pay ₹5000 if you are super sure to make money via teaching students. And 5000 is not a small amount at all.

2nd, 40% commission every month. So, assume that you have earned ₹10,000 1st month and you have to pay ₹4000 as commission to cuemath as commission fees.

They charge you this money for using their portal and for their marketing expenses. But 40% is too much. Once you have good student base, you will feel not to pay 40% commission.

Either the commission rate should be low for old tutors or it should be one time. Cuemath surely needs to work on this.

Is CueMath Fake?

No, its not fake, it is genuine and it does pay you on monthly basis. But the charges are very high for any low earning tutor. Also, the fees structures are bit complicated for students as well.

So, join if you don’t have any thing and just have ₹5000 to waste, that you can compromise. And if you already have offline classes, you might get disappointed with this online facility to teach students.

How To Join CueMath and Start Making Money?

Its very simple, you just need to follow below mentioned steps to join cuemath earning program.

Step 1 – Login to now.

Step 2 – Fill all the details like name, qualification. They will ask you to upload some documents as well, do it.

Step 3 – Pay Rs.5000 joining fees.

Step 4 – Done. Wait for their approval.

So, this was our review on cuemath, hope it helps you to decide and make most of your Rs.5000 money. Invest wisely, Keep visiting for more updates.

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