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For a long time, Airtel has been in the telecom industry and doing great. The company has always offered lucrative offers and discounts to its users and customers. Now it has come with the concept of Airtel Loan Number. It is good to learn about it and gain knowledge from it. Most telecom industries and companies provide credit loans to their customers. This loan is refundable but the primary thing about this loan is that it is chargeable to some extent. However, the customer has to maintain some terms and conditions for availing of the loan.

Importance of the Airtel Talktime Loan:

It will be great to learn about the Talktime loan of this scheme. The Airtel Loan Number 10rs code is something good that you must learn. It can help you during the crisis period. It is very simple. If you have taken a loan of Rs 10 Talktime balance, you have to pay Rs 12, which is included as a charge. But it is good because it can help you during the crisis period. There is a series of steps that you need to follow while availing of the Talktime loans. You need to follow it accordingly.

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  • In the first step, you must dial the airtel number which is *141*10# USSD. Soon after this, you will get three options that will appear on the screen. Now you can select Rs 10 Talktime as a loan.
  • For the one that will appear on the screen, you will get three options. These are Rs 50, Rs30, and Rs 10.
  • To post the initiating request, you have to click on the 1 option. With this, your request can be validated and the same will be done within a short time.
  • To do or get access to the service you have to download the Airtel app from the Google Play store.

The airtel data loan is found to be much useful and good for the customers. It is found that the Airtel data Loan Number gets automatically recharged. It is clear that Airtel will not deduct the amount from the main balance and that too instantly. The additional charge that is taken by the company from the loan amount may vary from Rs 1 to Rs 5. The amount is minimal and can be easily afforded by the customers or the users.


The Airtel data loan number is also a great concept that can help people from getting instant loans. The process of getting a loan is also easier and hassle-free.

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Overview of data loan:

It is also found that data loan in airtel is refundable with a minimum service charge that is taken from the users. It is ideal and fit for an Airtel customer who does not have enough balance to call. In such a case, they can avail of this loan. To do this, the customers need to call on the loan number of the company and continue the rest of the process.

The airtel data loan 4g is also applicable for the high-definition mobiles or connections. Even the users of this mobile can avail of the loan. The airtel loan recharge can be availed through three steps. If you dial *141# the recharge can be done base on your requirements. On the other hand, you need to dial *141*10# directly.

Thus, it is evident from the above discussion that with the process of the instant recharge and loan system it is now much more convenient for the Airtel users to get instant loans for the Talktime. It can greatly help you during the crisis and emergency period.

FAQs Related to Airtel Loan Number

What is Airtel Loan Number 10rs Code?

Dial *141*10# from your Airtel number to get Rs.10 Loan.

How much Loan Talktime you can get from Airtel?

Airtel offers Rs 50, Rs30, and Rs 10 as Loan amount to prepaid user to use as talktime.

How much Data Loan 4G available from Airtel?

Airtel offers only Talktime loan to prepaid user, they don't offer any data loan.

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