Covid Affected Children to Get 10 Lakh from PM Care Fund

Is anyone in your known or your relative’s or in your friend circle children turned orphan due to Covid-19? Many young people have lost their life in india after the 2nd wave of covid hit. The 2nd wave which has b.1.617.2 variant of corona, has affected many people and many young lives are lost. Central Govt announced special financial help under PM Cares for Children for Covid19 affected Children who lost their both parents.

Rs. 10 Lakh and Monthly Stipend 

There are many cases where children have turned orphan due to death of their parents due to covid19 virus. Government of india comes with new scheme to provide such children financial help in such tough time. It is good news for care taker of orphan kids that government of india will provide stipend and other financial helps to children who lost their parents in covid19.

Yes. Government of india has announced that children who lost their parents will get monthly stipend till they turn 18 year old and also will get Rs.10 Lakh when they turn 23 from PM CARES.

Apart from State government benefits, Such children under 18 year old will get Financial help and other benefits for Central government of India.

The only drawback of this scheme is that all the financial help will reach to covid affected orphan children at age of 23, while they might need financial aid now.

PM CARES For Children

PM CARES For Children- Empowerment of COVID Affected Children launched for support & empowerment of Covid affected children

After PM CARES Fund, Central Govt has announced PM CARES For Children for Empowerment of COVID Affected Children. The new PM Cares for Children launched for support & empowerment of Covid affected children.

Under which, Children who lost their parents (mother and father) will get Rs.10 Lakh (in form of Bank Fixed Deposit) when they turn 23 year old from PM Cares and Monthly stipend till the age of 18 years. So, the monthly stipend will help them for their other needs, and Central Govt also announced other benefits for such children.

Other Benefits from PM CARES For Children

There are many other benefits included in PM CARES for Children like free education, easy education loan, Loan interest waiver and many more. Lets discuss all these benefits in detail.

For Under 10 year old Children

For Children who are 10 year old and have lost both parents in Covid-19, PM Cares will get them admission in nearest Kendriya Vidyalaya or in private school. If children gets admission in Private school already, children will be given Monthly school fees on RTE basis every month. And  PM Cares will also bear other expenses like Text book, Uniform, notebook etc expenditure.

For children between 11-18 years

If the children is currently between 11-18 years of age and have lost both parents in Covid-19, he will be given admission in Central Government residential school like Navoda vidhyalaya or sainik school etc. Or if the garudian request, child will be given admission in Nearest Kendriya Vidhyalaya. And if children wants to get admission in private school, govt will give monthly fees on RTE norms based and will bear all school expenses.

Support for Higher Education by PM Cares

The child will be helped to get education loan in india on current education loan criteria and PM Cares will bear all the interest on higher education loan for such children. Also, Govt will provide scholarship same as tuition fees (or course fees) for undergraduate course. And for children who are not eligible for current scholarship program, PM cares will give scholarship to them.

Free Health Insurance for All Children

PM Cares will pay Premium amount of Health insurance (Rs.5 lakh of Ayushman Bharat Scheme (PM-JAY)) of such children till they turn 18.

How to apply for PM CARES For Children Benefits?

To get admission in school for covid affected children, you can go to nearest school and explain the scenario or wait for official notification to come out from Local collector. For Financial Aid, we will post the details here very soonest, the step by step guide will be out soon.


This is very good scheme for Covid19 affected orphan children. They can get Rs.10 lakh of financial help, free education, easy higher education loan, free health insurance and much more. But Government should have released small financial aid to guardian of such kids as they must be bearing other day to day expense of such children.

No kids should be left hungry, under poverty and without education due to Covid-19.

How many children turned orphan due to Covid19?

We don’t have clear answer for the above answer but as per government sources, 577 children turned orphan in 2nd wave of covid19 in india. The numbers might increase further in coming times.

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